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Latest Las Vegas Videos

Angel & Marc Chernoff

12 Things Successful People Do Differently – CwJTLL #039

Marc & Angel Chernoff, authors of the book “1000+ Little Things Happy, Successful People Do Differently” join Jesse & Lisa to talk about the 12 things successful people do differently.

Danni Ackerman

Small Business Secret: Taking a Vacation – N2P #039

Most people who run a small business struggle with finding the time for a break. In this episode of Niche, Danni and Dawn share their process for taking a vacation while keeping their small business intact. Other segments include Why Won’t They Buy, Hot Sale of the Week, and Pick It or Pass It.

Melissa Ferris

Superbowl 50: The Conspiracy Is Revealed! – GCS #010

Huh, looks like Melissa’s conspiracy theory about Superbowl 50 was. . .er. . .right? Also, Cam’s sportsmanship, Peyton’s beer, Von’s strip club, and #ArmsOfTheNFL.

Brett Grant

(Where to Have) Public Sex in Las Vegas – LiLV #251

(Where to Have) Public Sex in Las Vegas. Listener Email: A Video from Red Square, Billing Issues, Getting Testy, Kudos and an Offer, NFL in Vegas. Live Chat Questions: Pool Season, How About a Meetup. Have a Drink on Me. Have a Drink on ME! Guess the NAME OF THE BAR where Scott took this […]

Bryce Krausman

Superbowl, Skiing, Something Savory, and Songs – HSP #010

Bryce and Ayler run down a busy weekend that includes a review of the Superbowl, skiing in Utah, and the experience behind the DW Bistro pop-up restaurant. They also preview a new House Seats Presents Production (Side by Side: Rat Pack).

Lisa Bybee

Triple Your Understanding About Culture in Business – CwJTLL #038

Jesse and Lisa walk us through what is found in a business with a positive (and profitable) culture.

Will Seippel

The Power Research Has on Your Profits – N2P #038

Without a clear understanding of the items you hope to sell on eBay, knowing what to charge to maximize your profits is hard. Danni is joined by’s Will Seippel and Robbin Levin to discuss the art of research and how it relates to the value of your time. Other segments include Why Won’t They […]

Jamie Collyer

Bowls, Beads, and the Buffalo Bills – GCS #009

As the sole female-only sports media team covering the Senior Bowl, does it surprise *anybody* that Jamie and Melissa have a few stories to tell? We didn’t think so. Oh, and (future) #ArmsOfTheNFL.