In-Studio Color Code Personality Assessment: ‘Red-Blue’ – Conversations with JessTalk & LisaListen #010

In this episode of Conversations, Jesse walks through the dynamics of a “Red-Blue” person using the Color Code Personality Assessment. Joining Jesse on the set is Vickie Kolias and Marshunda Johnson.

Conversations with JessTalk and LisaListen

How to Leverage the Value of Your Business Experience – Niche to Profit #012

This is a no-BS episode of Niche as host Danni Ackerman is joined by “BullBuster” Heather Markel. Also, Why Won’t They Buy, Hot Sales of the Week, What Did Danni Buy, and the Good, the Bad, and the Udderly.

In Vegas, Big Brother is Watching You – Living in Las Vegas Podcast #221

Special co-host Pimpin’ Wayne. Real Quick Stories (RQS): Wayne’s Acceptance Email, Weather is Hot, 2600 Job Openings, 86’d Defined, B of A Account Closure, Rock in Rio Failure. Big Brother is Watching (and Reporting on) You. Live Chat Questions. Have a Drink on Me. Show notes:

Have a Drink on ME!

Guess the NAME OF THE BAR where Scott took this picture. One random winner will be selected from all the correct answers. Hints included in episode. Winner receives a drink from Scott OR a GROOVY CD OR a Vegas Video Network visor!

** Send your answer to [email protected] **

WINNER: To Be Announced

A Planning Strategy for My Small Business – Niche to Profit #011

It’s often difficult to know what to prioritize when running your small business. To help strengthen your planning strategy, Danni is joined in this episode of Niche to Profit by success coach Dana Earhart Litif. Also, Why Won’t They Buy (new segment), Hot Sales of the Week, What Did Danni Buy, Niche in the News and Viewer Email.

Laser Coaching with Will Edwards – Conversations with JessTalk & LisaListen #009

Jesse is joined by Will Edwards as they take part in some “laser coaching” on this high-energy episode of Conversations.

Conversations with JessTalk and LisaListen