Living in Las Vegas #204: Is Life *Really* Beautiful Downtown? [audio]

Sit back and relax.. .this isn’t going to hurt a bit! Downtown: Good and really bad. Surgeries. Counterfeit concerns.

Dave and Alicia Have a New Podcast

Hey, all. Dave asked if he could let Pub Crawl folks know about he and Alicia’s new audio-only podcast called LV Locals. So. . .here’s DAVE!

Living in Las Vegas #203: Where We Found Great Art, Food and Comedy [audio]

A moment of silence. We hear from China. Comedy at the Venetian. Nobody cried at War Horse. Hot or Horrible: Echo & Rig. Great art, and a ton of it.

Living in Las Vegas #202: Smile for the Camera(s) [audio]

A sad zoo is happily closed. MGM Grand responds to our show (kinda). You’re never too old to rock. Do you want your doctor to sing? The Strip. . .now with more surveillance for somebody’s viewing pleasure.

Living in Las Vegas #201: Open Container Laws & Going Off The Beaten Path (audio)

There’s a chance if you walked around Fremont East recently with an open container, you got your football-shaped beer confiscated and a $200 citation. Is that legal? We find out. We follow with a list of our favorite “Off the Beaten Path” places in Las Vegas.

Have a Drink on ME!

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