12 Things Successful People Do Differently – CwJTLL #039 [audio]

Conversations with JessTalk and LisaListenMarc & Angel Chernoff, authors of the book “1000+ Little Things Happy, Successful People Do Differently” join Jesse & Lisa to talk about the 12 things successful people do differently.

Small Business Secret: Taking a Vacation – N2P #039 [audio]

Niche to ProfitsMost people who run a small business struggle with finding the time for a break. In this episode of Niche, Danni and Dawn share their process for taking a vacation while keeping their small business intact.

Other segments include Why Won’t They Buy, Hot Sale of the Week, and Pick It or Pass It.

Superbowl 50: The Conspiracy Is Revealed! – GCS #010 [audio]

Girl Chat SportsHuh, looks like Melissa’s conspiracy theory about Superbowl 50 was. . .er. . .right? Also, Cam’s sportsmanship, Peyton’s beer, Von’s strip club, and #ArmsOfTheNFL.

(Where to Have) Public Sex in Las Vegas – LiLV #251 [audio]

(Where to Have) Public Sex in Las Vegas. Listener Email: A Video from Red Square, Billing Issues, Getting Testy, Kudos and an Offer, NFL in Vegas. Live Chat Questions: Pool Season, How About a Meetup. Have a Drink on Me.

Superbowl, Skiing, Something Savory, and Songs – HSP #010 [audio]

Conversations with JessTalk and LisaListenBryce and Ayler run down a busy weekend that includes a review of the Superbowl, skiing in Utah, and the experience behind the DW Bistro pop-up restaurant. They also preview a new House Seats Presents Production (Side by Side: Rat Pack).