Awkward Silence #016: Comedian Todd Paul

In this episode of Awkward Silence (titled, “Take Two”), we feature headliner Todd Paul, who teaches us all how to really be successful in Las Vegas. Show notes:

  • Guest co-host Matt Markman
  • Living a dual life in comedy
  • Fit or Fat (did I hear a cougar)
  • Headliner Todd Paul
  • Name change
  • Tattoos
  • Friars Club
  • Hooters gig
  • New show at Hard Rock Cafe (Midnight Rock n Roll Comedy Show)
  • “Don’t be a dick”

“If you want to see comedy, f*ck LA, go to Vegas!”


  1. Dan T. says:

    Another great show kids! One topic Todd brought up that I’d like to see you bring up with future guests is the idea that traditional monologue/stand-up might be fading a bit and that comics would do well to consider adding a different element to their acts. Comics routinely bitch about pay, lodging, etc., but they rarely acknowledge the fact that there are, frankly, a lot of straight white dudes with jokes about being straight white dudes. So Todd may have a point. Also, would you consider having as a guest a comedy booker? Don’t see that much.

  2. TAI Photoman says:

    I was listening to the show in the background while I was working and, suddenly, Todd Paul not only mentions Winnipeg but sings its praises!

    I was born and raised in Winnipeg and it’s rare that people have heard of it and, when they do, it’s not often highly spoken of.

    Thanks for the kind words, Todd; I saw some great comedians at Rumours and it was nice to suddenly remember those times.

  3. Slashdogx says:

    Is this blog-style comment thread back open for business?

    Third color of logo cover tape used this week. Impressive. Especially good match with BMO’s shirt. I am hoping see a 4th in the next couple of weeks. Don’t know where it could go with electrical tape, masking tape and painters tape already accounted for. I am thinking athletic tape has to be next.

    Are Todd Paul and Todd Brunson lost brothers? Both seem to rock the same look.

  4. brian says:

    Thanks guys. Great idea to get a booker on Dan. Especially if we can get one to be honest about what they do with all the tapes they get. I’ll look into it.

  5. Rev. Scotty Maelstrom says:

    Todd said, “Vast difference” after mentioning his dick on stage. Genius!

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