The Amazing Johnathan’s Burn Unit

The Amazing Johnathan, who holds the record as the longest-running comic magician in Las Vegas history, welcomes you to “Burn Unit”.

Burn Unit features interviews with his friends in the local entertainment community and many of the celebrities who find themselves in Las Vegas. The Amazing Johnathan also teaches the show’s viewers his favorite pranks, practical jokes and magic effects that can be used in everyday life.

Here’s the PRESS RELEASE announcing the show.

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Latest Episodes (First Show will be available on 2/1/13)

BU006thumbBurn Unit #006: That’ll Leave a Mark

Johnathan’s worst gig ever (Russian Mafia anyone?). Bob’s mom. Brianna is electric. Anastasia plays well with sharp objects. Bruce … Read more

BU005thumbBurn Unit #005: Baby Arms and Oreo Cookies

Withdrawls. AJ’s real baby arm. Stealing coins. Bizzaro. Lots-o-magic. Bad puppets. Pissing off David Copperfield. Switching places. … Read more

BU004thumbBurn Unit #004: Jungle Josh

Bruce has fun with erasers. Johnathan’s high school talent show. Dead birds. An invisible man. Attack of the snakes. Show Notes:

Host: … Read more

BU003thumbBurn Unit #003: Geechy Guy

Johnathan has sinus issues. Kids say the darndest things. Ear piercing for magicians. A Geechy guy. Georgraphy lessons. Show Notes:

Host: … Read more

BU002thumbBurn Unit #002: Swingshift Sideshow

Johnathan gets relief. So does Bruce. Men learn to make an impression when entering a room. A different kind of love story. Swingshift … Read more