Cup of Morning Sunshine

Cup of Morning Sunshine is a 10-episode Web TV production that features the good things in life! Through a series of short, entertaining, and educational video episodes, our goal is to help make both your personal and business life a little bit easier and a lot more fun by highlighting the ideas, people and organizations that make life great!

Cup of Morning Sunshine: Good News, Good Ideas, Good Stuff!

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Latest Episodes

COMS010thumbCup of Morning Sunshine #010: How to Twirl a Drumstick (and why you’d want to)

Sometimes, the drummer (or the drummer in you) needs to step out into the bright spotlight of life and SHINE BABY, SHINE! So … Read more

CoMS009-thumbCup of Morning Sunshine #009: Time Travel Impossible? I Think Not!

In a world where most believe being in two places at the same time is impossible, this edition of “Sunshine” demonstrates otherwise. … Read more

Scott on Cup of Morning SunshineCup of Morning Sunshine #008: The ‘Cleverest’ Website in the World?

Although your friends may occasionally recommend a website, photo or video you like, more times than not, you find yourself looking … Read more

Scott with Hangover CureCup of Morning Sunshine #007: The Ultimate Hangover Cure

Happy 2011 everybody!

With the New Year upon us, we are reminded of the occasional hangover. And so, for our first VEGAS VIDEO … Read more

CoMS006-thumbCup of Morning Sunshine #006: Top 5 Resume Tips by a Senior Recruiter

One of our most popular episodes in the young life of “Sunshine” is Episode 2: Easier Job Interviews. In it, we talked about … Read more