Getting REAL (Estate) in Vegas #059: Seven Tips To Make Your Home Feel Bigger (Audio)

Getting REAL (Estate) in VegasAfter we get caught up on the Friday Figures, we ask What Were They Thinking. Bridget wraps up by giving us seven tips to make our homes feel bigger.

Getting REAL (Estate) in Vegas #058: Five Reasons this is the Year of the Short Sale (Audio)

Getting REAL (Estate) in VegasWhile we’ve seen a steady drop in short sales in Las Vegas, in this episode of Getting REAL, Bridget lays out the five reason we’re going to see an increase in 2012.

Getting REAL (Estate) in Vegas #057: LV Real Estate Predictions for 2012 (Audio)

Getting REAL (Estate) in VegasBridget welcomes the New Year by making bold real estate predictions for 2012. Then she gives some Real Advice on the revised FHA mortgage loan limits in Clark County.

Getting REAL (Estate) in Vegas #056: Occupy Our Homes – Going Off the Rails (Audio)

Getting REAL (Estate) in VegasBridget explains why the NAR revised sales downward (and if it affects her numbers in Las Vegas). Then we tackle the problems associated with the Occupy Our Homes movement.

Getting REAL (Estate) in Vegas #055: Stupid Realtor Tricks (Audio)

Getting REAL (Estate) in VegasAfter reviewing a new ordinance the Las Vegas City Council voted in dealing with foreclosures, Bridget exposed two stupid Realtor tricks that can decrease the chances of selling your home.