Golf & Other Fore-Letter Words #041: San Francisco’s Anti Golf Activists Are Pissing Us Off! (Audio)

Dennis and co-host Joe Kelly (Director of golf, Sun City Summerlin) discuss how Luke Donald regained his #1 world ranking, give bogeys to anti-golf activists, find a mechanic who pays instead of charges, and close out by giving us techniques to hit hybrids.

Golf & Other Fore-Letter Words #040: European Domination Continues (Audio)

Dennis and co-host Lee Smith (Director of golf, TPC Summerlin) fly through a lot of great golf info this week. Together they talk about Rory’s win at the Honda Classic, which makes him #1 in the world, debate if an American can ever recapture that spot, and wrap up by giving us a variety of tips to help us with challenges from over swinging to staying behind the ball.

Golf & Other Fore-Letter Words #039: How Much is Your Handicap Worth? (Audio)

Dennis and co-host Lee Smith (Director of golf, TPC Summerlin) jump right in this week by discussing Hunter Mahan’s win at the Accenture Matchplay. Then they talk about his new mega-mansion, wonder how one man can sue for having his handicap lowered, and wrap up by helping us improve the rhythm of our putting stroke.

Golf & Other Fore-Letter Words #038: Did Tiger Choke? (Audio)

Golf & Other Fore-Letter Words is back! After Dennis and co-host Lee Smith (Director of golf, TPC Summerlin) debate if Tiger choked at Pebble Beach, they talk about violence on the golf course, and wrap up by telling us the differences between steel and graphite shafts.

Golf & Other Fore-Letter Words #037: Spare the Putter, Spoil the Child (Audio)

Here’s a tip, golf-dads; when you employ corporal punishment as a teaching and motivational tool, you may end up with a professional golfer (good) who tends to cheat on his wife, drive into trees, and find his head on the business end of a three iron (bad). At Golf and Other Fore-Letter Words, we care.