Talktails #068: Four Queens Headliner, Mike Hammer (Audio)

Kelly travels through time and space. Scott, Jacob, and Kenny love their clothes. Mike Hammer strips.

Talktails #067: Founding Member of The Supremes, Mary Wilson (Audio)

Kelly congratulates Leigh Zimmerman. Scott begs Kelly to “Stop” singing. Mary Wilson reigns and remains Supreme.

Talktails #066: Composer and Producer, Frank Wildhorn (Audio)

Celebrity Roast video. Kelly is shocked. Frank Wildhorn regales us with stories of pop hits, and Broadway shows.

Talktails #065: The New Mr. Las Vegas, George Wallace (Audio)

Kelly says no to woo woo wooing Jeffery Osbourne. Scott shudders in disbelief. George Wallace tells us what he’s been thinking.

Talktails #064: Zowie Bowie Comes Home (Audio)

Some things old are new again. Kelly recalls seeing Herbie Hancock, Wayne Newton, and Stevie Wonder at Clint’s show. Scott cries a little tear. Clint says hi to Chris’ Mom. Chris Phillips (Zowie Bowie) pre-roasts himself. Chris also reveals what the “Maverick Spirit” of Las Vegas is. Set designer Andy Walmsley give us info on the Celebrity Roast and how you can be a part of the night of entertainment.