Holidays in Las Vegas – LiLV #241

Holidays in Las Vegas: Lights, Shows, Things to do. Real Quick Stories (RQS): Making Melissa Happy and Scott Uncomfortable, ‘House Seats Presents’ Premiers, Is Brett’s Family Trying to Kill Him? Live Chat Questions. Have a Drink on Me. Show notes:

Have a Drink on ME!

Guess the NAME OF THE BAR where Scott took this picture. One random winner will be selected from all the correct answers. Hints included in episode. Winner receives a drink from Scott OR a GROOVY CD OR a Vegas Video Network visor!

** Send your answer to [email protected] **

WINNER: To Be Announced

Singers Darcell Smith and Bruce Williamson – TSKS #004

Up first on this episode of The Sandy Kastel Show is singer Darcell Smith, who joins The Dick Kastel Combo (Dick Kastel; sax, Moises Sol; keyboard, Ben Williams; bass, Andrea de Angelo; drums) for a jazzy edition of ‘Route 66′. Then, The Temptations’ Bruce Williamson stops by for a visit with Sandy.

Premiere Episode: House Seats Presents – HSP #001

Welcome to our first episode of House Seats Presents, hosted by Bryce Krausman and co-host Ayler Evan.

Conversations with JessTalk and LisaListen

For Thanksgiving, the Eight Powerful Benefits of Gratitude – CwJTLL #030

For this episode of Conversations, Jesse and Will review the eight powerful benefits of gratitude.

Conversations with JessTalk and LisaListen

Learning to Love Liquidation – N2P #030

As we learn on this week’s Niche, there is big money to be made on buying and reselling items found on liquidation sales. Danni’s guest Larry Loik gives us the scoop.

Other segments include Why Won’t They Buy, Danni’s 2 Cents (eBay store review), Hot Sale of the Week, Pick It or Pass It.