Talktails #004: Producer David Saxe

For a behind-the-scenes look into how one of the most successful producers in Las Vegas got his start and continues to expand his presence in Las Vegas, this episode of Talktails features producer David Saxe. Show notes:

  • Rapture = no more Oprah
  • Chris is seen on the Billboard Awards
  • Meeting Jason Justin Bieber
  • Producer David Saxe
  • Gotta love a guest who brings his own champagne (and shares!)
  • Nothing like a Crown Royal with a champagne back
  • First production gig (at 17-year-old): sister (Melinda, First Lady of Magic)
  • People who buy tickets may not like Duran Duran
  • Focusing on Vegas
  • V Theater – first at the Venetian
  • “Just the acts, that’s what I wanted”
  • Buying my own theater
  • How does somebody produce a show?
  • More info on Four-Wall deals (the history and why it’s happening now)
  • Oscar Goodman
  • Starting the Saxe Theater
  • What Vegas is missing
  • Vegas, The Show
  • You know within 3 seconds. . .
  • Attitude and work ethic is the key
  • Tips for new acts
  • What the most successful shows have in common
  • Don’t panic
  • A preview of things to come. . .
  • Know a good GM?
  • The business idea behind comps

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  1. Don Barnhart says:

    Great interview and insight. Very inspiring to those of us putting up our shows in Vegas.

  2. David Simone says:

    Awesome Interview, Mr. Saxe. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Pam Martin says:

    What a fantastic show, David Saxe is incredible and has hit the nail on the head. So many of us miss the old Vegas shows and the camaraderie between the entertainer and the audience.
    I miss the old casino bar shows that were mostly in the afternoon where you could go in, have a drink and see a show. We saw so many back in the 70′s including Roger Williams, Shecky Green, Bobby Vintin with George Carlin in the audience.
    Hope to check out the Vegas The Show in June and I am going to try and find David Saxe website to see what other show he has. Love Vegas and really enjoying your VegasVideo website.

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