Talktails #031: The Man of A Thousand Voices – Rich Little

Kelly and special guest Rich Little provide a ton of laughs on this episode of Talktails. Rich entertains us with some of his most famous impressions and hilarious celebrity stories. From John Wayne to Paul Lynde, Rich Little is as amazing and funny as ever.


  1. Anthony Dattorro says:

    Great interview,
    Kelly has got a talent for pulling out the interesting facts

    • VVN says:

      Thanks, Anthony. It was a kick meeting somebody I watched on tv when I was a kid.

      Fun meeting Rich Little, too. πŸ˜‰

  2. Casey Roberts says:

    Great show.

  3. I just discovered this show, and enjoyed it so much! I am an old friend of Fred Travalena’s and appreciated the shout-out about him. I know he and Clint were close friends. So sad. I’ve met Clint on a few occasions through our magazine, and think he is one of the BEST singers out there. Kelly, you are such a charmer! Looking forward to the next show!

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