Vegas Video Network One-Year Anniversary Live Show

On October 2nd, 2010, the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK was launched. In celebration of this special event, we take a look back at the year by highlighting the business, the people, the videos (great highlight reel here!) and momentum behind VVN. We wrapped up the party with a triva question for our online viewers (live and video-on-demand), for whom the winner will receive a Roku 2 XD player.

Be the first with the correct answer and win a Roku 2 XD Player.

Here’s the question:

Beginning with the first Pub Crawl episode on October 6th, 2010 and ending on October 8th, 2011, how many episodes network-wide have we produced on the Vegas Video Network?

Contest will close at end-of-business Friday, October 14. First correct answer wins. If no correct answer is received by EOB 10/14, the closest answer without going over will win.

Send your entry to [email protected] Good luck!