Cup of Morning Sunshine #008: The ‘Cleverest’ Website in the World?

Although your friends may occasionally recommend a website, photo or video you like, more times than not, you find yourself looking at something for which you couldn’t care less.

What if there was a place on the Internet whose sole purpose is to find and share with you great content that is based on your specific interests? For free! There is such a place, and in today’s “Sunshine” we talk about one of Scott’s favorite ‘discover engines’, StumbleUpon.

Cup of Morning Sunshine #006: Top 5 Resume Tips by a Senior Recruiter

One of our most popular episodes in the young life of “Sunshine” is Episode 2: Easier Job Interviews. In it, we talked about how to answer the often-asked, “So, tell me about yourself” interview questions. But a funny thing happened on the way to the interview. . .if your resume is working against you, you’ll never get an chance to answer that question in the first place.

So, for today’s episode, we feature the Top 5 Resume Tips (secretly) recommended by a senior recruiter who has worked for some of the most well-known companies in the world.

Cup of Morning Sunshine #002: Easier Job Interviews

In today’s tougher economy, many of us either know somebody going through interview after interview while trying to find a job, or are going through the interview-mambo process themselves. And while most folks expect to be asked the, “So, tell me about yourself” questions, many continue to struggle with the answer.

Today’s “Sunshine” helps make that question much easier to answer and helps you to separate yourself from all those other people looking for your job!

Cup of Morning Sunshine #001: Miracle League of Las Vegas

Welcome to the premiere episode of Cup of Morning Sunshine!

In today’s first dose of “Sunshine”, we go behind-the-scenes a learn about the show’s genesis, outline the types of stories we’ll be covering, explain how you can be featured on the show, and introduce you to an organization that I’m convinced is run by angels — The Miracle League of Las Vegas. Show notes:

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Show format
  • Contact us at [email protected]
  • The Miracle League of Las Vegas (
  • Shot of Espresso: Jacob Cannon
  • Tease for next week’s show