Vegas Video Network Available on Google Currents

One of my favorite discoveries over the holidays was Google Currents, which delivers beautiful magazine-like editions of many of your favorite content provides to your tablet and smartphone. I use it to read a Forbes, Fast Company, cnet, Edgadget, TechCrunch, Adnroid Central, Entrepreneur, Lifehacker and Men’s Health (among others). It’s available for iOS and Android devices and it is of my new "go-to" programs.

While using it, I wondered what it would take to be able to view VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK content within Google Currents. After some investigating, I found out it could be done. And. . .


It’s as if we created an Android or iOS application for VVN.  If you’d like a super-easy way to get VVN content on your smartphone, tablet, or iPad, take these two easy steps:

  1. Download Google Current
  2. Add the Vegas Video Network

It’s really simple.

As we are a new content provider, you won’t be able to find us in their catalog until we hit a certain number of subscribers (which isn’t clearly defined).  But if a couple hundred of you do subscribe, we will hit their first hurdle; surfacing in their search results.

Vegas Video Network Available on Stitcher Smart Radio

The Vegas Video Network has just been added to the Stitcher Smart Radio line up. With their free mobile app, you can listen to your favorite VVN show directly on your iOS or Android device, anytime and anywhere. All episodes are available and no syncing is needed. . .no storage or memory is required to download an episode as well.

I was able to listen to the latest edition of Talktails a couple days ago, while driving in my car, streaming on-demand.  VERY COOL STUFF.

To find the shows from VVN, simply search for “Vegas” from the Stitcher home page. You’ll find our shows listed toward the top of the result page. Select the show you want to listen to and easy, peasy 1, 2, threezy, you’re good to go. 


1. From the home page. . . Screenshot_2012-08-16-14-20-21[1]
2. Enter “Vegas” in the search field. Screenshot_2012-08-16-14-20-48[1]
3. From the results. . . Screenshot_2012-08-16-14-15-39
4. Select the show of your choice. Screenshot_2012-08-16-14-21-45

Live Streaming Now iOS Compatible

Since starting the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK, we wanted to be able to support live streaming to those using a standard desktop computer or a portable device/smartphone. We’ve always been able to deliver our video-on-demand content to any device, but the live video was a little trickier.

As many of you with Android phone know, you could watch our live streaming shows because the Android supports Flash video, which is the protocol of video we used for the live stream. However, streaming to an iOS device (iPod, iPad, iPhone, iWonderWhenItWillStop) is another matter entirely. It requires technology changes in several links of the live-video delivery chain.

As of today, those links have been changed.

Moving forward, all content streamed live from the network is iOS compatible. This means that no matter where you are, you can catch one of our live shows! We’ve tested it and it seems to be working ok. Stop by and take a look. Even our “Coming up Next on the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK” live stream is iOS compatible so you should be able to test it at any time.