Vegas Video Network Launch Party

On October 2nd, 2010, the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK was born. This video is that of the live streaming video we did for the event, which features. . .

  • a look into the problems the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK solves
  • the philosophy of the network,
  • a sneak peek at the shows with which we are launching the network
  • the Cirque trivia question we asked for the free KA tickets
  • special thank yous

Thanks everybody who participated! It was great!

What a Great Evening!

As I get ready to head into the studio to encode and post last night’s VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK Launch Party video, just wanted to thank those folks who joined in the fun. I think it’s fair to say a good time was had by all!

A check of the stats indicates we had folks watching the live streaming video from 15 different states, the UK, Germany, Canada and Russia.

Pretty cool stuff.

We also have a winner for our two tickets to Cirque’s KA. That will be announced in a different blog post.

Thanks again, all. It was a great start to the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK!

[VIDEO #05] Don’t Try This At Home

Just as everybody in Los Angeles wants to be an actor, it appears that everybody building our secret project wants to be a Vegas entertainer. We’ve already seen Wade’s dancing skills, so now it’s up to Rip and me to audition as well.

For my part, I butcher about three seconds of a BeeGee’s classic. Rip’s death-defying performance is much more impressive. In both cases, I’d suggest you not try this at home.

[VIDEO #04] Let’s Meet A Real Builder Bob

It’s been ten days since our last video, which demonstrates how busy we’ve been! It’s hard to shoot video when you’re a Builder Bob apprentice! And speaking of Builder Bob, let’s meet Rip Rippetoe, as he explains what we’ve still got to do.