Taking a Break in July

For those that didn’t see the last episodes of Living in Las Vegas, Pub Crawl or Talktails, we’re taking the month of July off. We are working on some new business ideas and expect to be back and broadcasting in August. In the meantime, get caught up on:

Living in Las Vegas #198: The Building of Vegas Video Network 2.0

Have A Drink On Me has the largest turn out to date. Scott make an announcement regarding the future as we reshape the Vegas Video Network. Show notes:

Living in Las Vegas #198: The Building of Vegas Video Network 2.0 (Audio)

Have A Drink On Me has the largest turn out to date. Scott make an announcement regarding the future as we reshape the Vegas Video Network.

KSHP + VVN = The Only Multi-Camera, Broadcast Quality, LIVE Radio Simulcast in Las Vegas

There has been movement among forward-thinking terrestrial radio stations towards offering a live, online, video stream of their on-air talent.

Howard Stern started it.

Kidd Kraddick does a great job.

And of course, Rush Limbaugh’s golden microphone can be seen online as well.

It’s a great way to provide a behind-the-curtain look at how the show is produced. It’s also very effective at increasing the closeness between the audience and talent. And, if combined with video-on-demand and podcasting, it makes for a great way to archive this content as well.

Equally important, it radically widens the viewer base of the on-air talent. Instead of being restricted to broadcasting to just your city, you can now broadcast to the world.

Beginning last Friday (4/5/13), the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK joined forces with KSHP AM1400 to provide the ONLY multi-camera, broadcast-quality, LIVE radio simulcast in Las Vegas.

Our first simulcast is The Odds Couple, which went from Fridays at 12p to Monday – Friday at 11a. Host Scottie Pritchard and co-hosts Brett Grant (KSHP General Manager and sports enthusiast) and Anthony Padilla are doing an excellent job.

Beginning on Thursday, 4/11/13, we’ll be adding what I think is one of the most unique radio programming ideas ever to the VVN live video stream–The Radio Shopping Show.

(True story…when I first discovered The Radio Shopping Show back in 2005, I pulled into my driveway and listened for an hour before eventually going into the house. It’s a very clever idea.)

We’ve got other shows about to be added to our joint programming (sports, entertainment), which is where you might come in.

Have you ever thought you should be on the radio? Or, have you considered doing a live and/or on-demand online show (or podcast)? If so, now is your only opportunity to do BOTH at the same time.

And instead of having your radio show played at some ungodly hour, the VVN/KSHP partnership is producing shows that play from 10a – 3p Monday – Friday. No other media partnership can (or will) make this type of offer. Imagine having your own radio show broadcasting to the entire Las Vegas Valley (and beyond). And combine that with an online presence that is viewed in all 50 states and 150+ countries! This is another first. . .and an outstanding opportunity to give voice to your business, ideas, and talent.

If you’d like your own show on KSHP and the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK, contact us today. Given the 10a – 3p time block, there is a limited number of slots available. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Vegas Video Network Available on Google Currents

One of my favorite discoveries over the holidays was Google Currents, which delivers beautiful magazine-like editions of many of your favorite content provides to your tablet and smartphone. I use it to read a Forbes, Fast Company, cnet, Edgadget, TechCrunch, Adnroid Central, Entrepreneur, Lifehacker and Men’s Health (among others). It’s available for iOS and Android devices and it is of my new "go-to" programs.

While using it, I wondered what it would take to be able to view VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK content within Google Currents. After some investigating, I found out it could be done. And. . .


It’s as if we created an Android or iOS application for VVN.  If you’d like a super-easy way to get VVN content on your smartphone, tablet, or iPad, take these two easy steps:

  1. Download Google Current
  2. Add the Vegas Video Network

It’s really simple.

As we are a new content provider, you won’t be able to find us in their catalog until we hit a certain number of subscribers (which isn’t clearly defined).  But if a couple hundred of you do subscribe, we will hit their first hurdle; surfacing in their search results.