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Vegas Video CO-OP BlogWhen you decided to add video to your website, there are a ton of things to consider. From technical issues to knowing how to most effectively tell your story, it can be a little confusing. . .which explains why most folks still shy away from taking advantage of video for their online presence.

My all-time favorite* Las Vegas Video Production company, the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP, has launched a brand-new blog to help those interested in tips and behind-the-scenes information about the video production world.

The URL is

Stop by and take a look.

* What? There’s nothing wrong with really liking your own company!

Our New Business is Now Online: Visit The VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP

Well, the new business is ready.

We solve a significant problem. We already have great customers. (And people keep telling me I’m not charging enough.)

Because your online presence is often your only chance to begin a meaningful sales conversation, please take a moment and visit. . .

Vegas Video CO-OP


Your own broadcast and video production studio without the six-figure investment.

A Little Background Information

I think its safe to say if you don’t have a strong video strategy for your online presence, you’re doomed.

In 2012, 57% of all Internet bandwidth is video. That number jumps to 69% in 2017. And that’s because video is important to people. And those people are important to your business.

The problem? Cost and Time.

You can easily spend $500 to several thousand dollars to get a video shot at a high-end studio. . .you have to pay for the stage, lights, cameras, sound, recording equipment, then you have to hire all the people needed to run all that stuff. And once your done, it can take weeks or a month to get the video in your hands.

And trying to do it yourself or with a friend? Homemade videos are no longer charming. They present an amateur effort which reflects poorly on you.

Fortunately, this is a problem we solve.

The VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP is your own broadcast and video production studio without the six-figure investment.

As a member, you’ll have special access to the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK studios, where we’ve broadcast over 800 live, multi-camera shows to a world-wide audience. We’ve also produced hundreds of additional videos for entrepreneurs, entertainers, and companies big and small.

As a co-op member, you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Up to 8 High-Definition cameras at a time
  • Full broadcast-quality live switching (tricaster)
  • 16 channels of pristine sound
  • Wired and wireless mics
  • Green screens
  • Lighting grids
  • Virtual sets
  • Teleprompters
  • Set pieces
  • Our lounge

And the ability to stream any content LIVE.

All for an unbelievably low monthly cost.

Additionally, VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP members are immediately presented with their HD video after their session is complete. Not a day, week, or month later. Right then and there.

Now, what can you produce at the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP? We’ll help you decide with our free consulting. Then, it’s up to you, and is really only limited by your imagination.

So, what’s the next step?

If you recognize putting video to work makes sense, check out our membership options, sign up, and schedule yourself on our calendar. We’ll meet to consult on what types of video would be most effective, then we’re on our way.

Full Screen Video on Demand Now Available

Since launching the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK, we’ve received several requests that the VVN Video Player allow full screen viewing.  Unlike our LIVE video feed, we disabled that feature in the video-on-demand players because the video being played back was not encoded to be viewed at high resolution.

However, our visitors have spoken.

We’ve just reconfigured all our players to allow for full screen viewing.  If you look toward the lower right of the player, you’ll see what looks like a little television icon.  Simply click that and the video will fill your computer’s entire screen.

One warning: the video has not been changed to accommodate a large screen so you should expect quite a bit of pixilation of the video.  That said, enough of you asked for it, so it shall be!

GR001: Getting REAL (Estate) in Vegas Premiere Episode

Welcome to the premiere edition of Getting REAL (Estate) in Vegas!

Host Bridget Magnus reviews the latest Las Vegas MLS “Friday Figures”, speaks with home inspection expert Bruce Cannon of Win Home Inspections, and takes questions from both the live chat audience and emails submitted to [email protected].

A sampling of the questions asked (and answered) during the show include:

  • What should a home inspection cost?
  • What’s the scariest thing you found during a home inspection?
  • What liability does a home inspector have after an inspection?
  • What is the issues with Chinese drywall?
  • Can you tell us about Kitec?
  • What’s the difference between homes built in Las Vegas during various decades?
  • If you get a home inspection – would you also recommend getting a Home Warranty?
  • If you going to purchase a short sale property & do the inspection – and it comes back with issues – will the bank adjust selling price?
  • Is there a difference between a home’s pipes when they have a water softener and ones that don’t?
  • Any thoughts on foam roof vs traditional roof?
  • Do you recommend the buyer or seller be present during the inspection?

Watch out for the pigeons!

Getting REAL (Estate) in Vegas

Vegas Video Network Launch Party

On October 2nd, 2010, the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK was born. This video is that of the live streaming video we did for the event, which features. . .

  • a look into the problems the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK solves
  • the philosophy of the network,
  • a sneak peek at the shows with which we are launching the network
  • the Cirque trivia question we asked for the free KA tickets
  • special thank yous

Thanks everybody who participated! It was great!