This Week’s LiLV Live Stream Moved to Wednesday (4/15)

vlcsnap-2015-03-24-22h33m37s232So that Brett can properly celebrate his birthday, we’re moving this week’s live stream of Living in Las Vegas to WEDNESDAY, 4/15, at 8PM from Tuesday at the same time.

See you then!!

Living in Las Vegas Returns to KSHP

KSHPBrett Grant, Managing Owner of KSHP (AM 1400) and co-host of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast, announced on episode 207 that Living in Las Vegas will return to the KSHP airwaves.

Each week’s LiLV episode is recorded and streamed LIVE from the Vegas Video Network website in front of a world-wide audience on Tuesdays at 8PM PDT. The audio version (which will be an FCC-cleaned up version), will be broadcast on KSHP on Fridays at 6PM, starting this Friday, March 27th, 2015.

With this announcement, Living in Las Vegas will be available on the three-screens (television, desktop, smartphone) PLUS terrestrial radio.

WHEN: Friday, 6PM
WHERE: KSHP (AM 1400),,

Low Audio Levels Fixed on New LiLV Shows

We received a few emails/post comments about the audio level being very low on the new episodes of Living in Las Vegas. We did some snooping around and found the problem. For episodes LiLV205 and LiLV206‘s MP3/audio files, they’ve been corrected and uploaded. If you reload your feeds, the louder MP3 files will load.

Moving forward, this shouldn’t be a problem for either the video or audio files.


The Return of Living in Las Vegas

LiLV-460 3For the first time in over a year, The Living in Las Vegas Podcast returned to the live streaming video world.

Well, kind of.

In preparation for the return of LiLV, last night, we streaming our rehearsal. The goal was to get acquainted with our new studio AND get my new co-host up-to-speed. We had some long-time fans of LiLV join us in the live chat. . .it was GREAT (and like we’d never left).

Brett Grant will be my new co-host. He’s a great guy. . .funny, smart, and a long-time broadcaster (he owns KSHP here in Las Vegas). If the fun we had during our rehearsal is any indication, we’re in for a boatload of good times.

OUR FIRST SHOW WILL BROADCAST LIVE on TUESDAY, 3/10/15, at 8PM PST. You can join us at

We’re Turning on the Switch – Trash Talkin’ with Legends

Vegas Video Network - Trash Talkin' with LegendsWith the success of the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP, and in celebration of moving into (and building) our brand new 3,000 square foot studio, we’ve decided to slowly bring back the Vegas Video Network. We haven’t finalized all the shows to be broadcast on VVN but one of the first will be brand new to VVN fans: Trash Talkin’ with Legends.

Fan favorite and nine year NBA workhorse Jerome “Junkyard Dog” Williams, along with his brother Joshua, will host the program on the Vegas Video Network and The Basketball Channel. If our first rehearsal is any indication, this should be a lot of fun. Hearing the inside scoop about how the NBA works (did you know that if your traded on game day, that’s considered REALLY disrespectful?) is fascinating.

Trash Talkin' host Jerome 'JYD" Willams.

Trash Talkin’ host Jerome “JYD” Willams.