New Time for Living in Las Vegas Beginning on June 16th

Living in Las VegasGiven the advanced age of our hosts (that would be Brett and Scott), we’ve decided to move the start of each week’s Living in Las Vegas LIVE STREAM from 8PM PDT to 7PM PDT. This will begin on June 16 and continue thereafter.

WHOOPS: Looks like we’re going to have to go back to 8PM AFTER THE 6/16 SHOW. SORRY ABOUT THAT.

Show: Living in Las Vegas
Day: Tuesday
Time: 7PM PDT (6/16 only)

iTunes New & Noteworthy: Niche to Profit

iTunesN2PNewNoteworthyCongratulations to our very own Danni Ackerman! Both the audio and video version of her show, Niche to Profit, has been selected as a NEW & NOTEWORTHY PODCAST on iTunes, in the Shopping Category.

Well done, Danni!

Roku Channel Problem. . .and Fix

roku-logoHey, All.

After the most recent upgraded to WordPress 4.2.2, we discovered our Roku channel stopped properly displaying all our video on demand content. After a longer-than-I’d-like process of taking care of this issue, we have it fixed. HOWEVER, we had to submit a new “package” to Roku, which will take up to TWO WEEKS to be approved. (Blech.)

That’s the crappy news.

The good news is that I can provide the secret URL to the fixed Vegas Video Network channel so that you can subscribe to it before it goes public. Here’s how:

  1. Point your browser here:
  2. Add the Channel to your Roku Account
  3. Go to your Roku player, select SETTINGS, SYSTEM, SYSTEM UPDATE

This will look for any software update for your Roku (good) AND also look for any new channels. It will find Vegas Video Network and load it on your Roku.

Now, when you look at your list of channels, you’ll find a second Vegas Video Network channel at the end. Use that one until we’re officially approved. Then, you can go back to your original VVN channel.

5/18/15 Update: The channel is fixed. Follow the third step above and you’ll see the corrected VVN Roku channel.

This Week’s LiLV Live Stream Moved to Wednesday (4/15)

vlcsnap-2015-03-24-22h33m37s232So that Brett can properly celebrate his birthday, we’re moving this week’s live stream of Living in Las Vegas to WEDNESDAY, 4/15, at 8PM from Tuesday at the same time.

See you then!!

Living in Las Vegas Returns to KSHP

KSHPBrett Grant, Managing Owner of KSHP (AM 1400) and co-host of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast, announced on episode 207 that Living in Las Vegas will return to the KSHP airwaves.

Each week’s LiLV episode is recorded and streamed LIVE from the Vegas Video Network website in front of a world-wide audience on Tuesdays at 8PM PDT. The audio version (which will be an FCC-cleaned up version), will be broadcast on KSHP on Fridays at 6PM, starting this Friday, March 27th, 2015.

With this announcement, Living in Las Vegas will be available on the three-screens (television, desktop, smartphone) PLUS terrestrial radio.

WHEN: Friday, 6PM
WHERE: KSHP (AM 1400),,